July 2012

June 2012

6-19-2012 windy windy windy

By |2017-04-27T16:00:12-05:00June 19th, 2012|Fishing Report|

Well despite the weather and the fish not cooperating I had a grand time this weekend with my customers. Saturday the wind blew 30+ and stormy it had everything muddied up and the fish stirred up, same goes for Sunday with just a lil less wind . I don't like posting reports like this but [...]

May 2012

March 2012


By |2017-04-27T16:00:13-05:00March 26th, 2012|Fishing Report|

This weekend I had the pleasure of having some good friends down from Arkansas again . Every year they come down fish a couple of day we go to the crawfish cook off and have a good time. And this year wasn't any different. We fished 2 days in the shallow water with artificial and [...]

3-13-2012 New Orleans Red Fish are BITING

By |2017-04-27T16:00:13-05:00March 13th, 2012|Fishing Report|

This weekend wasn't the ideal conditions but we stuck it out and caught fish. With high winds and some rain I stayed in the back water marsh and avoided the open water . Friday we ran 2 boats with 8 guys from Pontotoc Ms and ended up with red fish and bass with lots of [...]

February 2012


By |2017-04-27T16:00:14-05:00February 10th, 2012|Fishing Report|

February 10, 2012 Some good old fashioned New Orleans fishing was just what I had in mind when I woke up today! This morning was a good one. Left the house around 6:30, took a ride and got on some trout. Nice trout before I knew it I had my limit and it was only [...]

October 2011

June 2011

6-22-2011 FED EX from Tenn

By |2017-04-27T16:00:15-05:00June 23rd, 2011|Fishing Report|

Monday I had the pleasure of fishing with some guys that work for FED EX in Tenn . It started off to be a rough morning when I woke with a stomach bug . Not being  able to find anyone in such short notice I had to go or cancel . I dont like to [...]

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