January 2012


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January 17, 2012 Let me share some of the fun we’re having here at one of the best Louisiana fishing charters... OK here we are 2012. WOW!! Hope every one had a wonderful Holiday and a great New Year. Down here in South Louisiana we don’t usually get a long winter. But this year it’s [...]

June 2011

6-22-2011 FED EX from Tenn

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Monday I had the pleasure of fishing with some guys that work for FED EX in Tenn . It started off to be a rough morning when I woke with a stomach bug . Not being  able to find anyone in such short notice I had to go or cancel . I dont like to [...]


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I fished Friday with Mr. Alan ,his son Mark and his dad Mr. Sonny from New Orleans some local guys. The Bite was a lil slow but in the end we had 19 a mixed bag of fish . That evening I fished Mr Chad and his  wife Mrs. Wendy from Indiana  . The evening [...]

May 2011

April 2011


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April has been a windy month down here in Lafitte ,La , but we are catching red fish and some trout ,where we find the cleaner water. The red fish have been biting pretty good here the last week . The reds have been a variety of sizes from 14"-32" and the trout have been [...]

March 2011

3/29/2011 IOWA VS. BULL REDS

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Today we had an epic battle  between the bull reds and Mr. Gary , Mr. Chris ,Mr. Dan ,and Mr. Mike  It was a tough one to call but I think the guys had the upper hand after landing 40 bull reds and 8 drum . The fish wereon fire. I don't know how many double [...]

3/28/2011 UTAH VS. BULL REDS

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Another day on the water fighting the bull reds . I had Mr. Steve and Mr. Mark in from Utah who have never caught a red fish before , so I brought them out to the pass and see if we could get on some of the big bull reds and drum. Not long after [...]

3/20/2011 Southeast Louisiana Bull reds

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Today was a really good fishing trip .Not because the fish bit any different from the last few days ,but cause I had some friends in town that I haven't seen in a few years . Trey and Marty flew in from Texas to spend the weekend with friends and family. Their dad EJ and [...]

3/18/2011 Locals Enjoy Fishing To

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Some locals from New Orleans decided that they wanted to come and catch some fish and that they did . I had Mr.Dale ,Mr. Dave , Mr. Mel , and Mr. Sam fishing  today . These guys have been friend for a long time and they weren't giving each other any slack . We laughed [...]

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