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Fishing Charters in Louisiana – Comprehensive Charter Fees

When exploring your options for fishing charters in Louisiana, you need to watch for additional costs. New Orleans Style Fishing Charters is dedicated to honest and fair pricing, and we offer one of the most comprehensive charter fees in the industry.

With some companies, the charter fee covers nothing more than the use of the boat and your guide. You will pay an additional fee for gas and oil in your boat. You may even have to rent your own equipment and tackle. Not so with us. Gas, oil, rods-n-reels, and tackle are all included in our set fee.

Not only that, but we also include drinks and ice. This means you will stay refreshed, even in the intense sun that sometimes shows up while fishing in New Orleans.

Of course, fishing is not as much fun if you cannot take what you catch with you. Our fees cover the packing and cleaning of the fish you catch. This makes the experience complete.

The only thing you will need to buy outside of your charter fee is any food you need for the day on the boat, your fishing license, and, of course, plenty of sunscreen. This makes ours one of the more affordable options for those interested in fishing charters in New Orleans.

So call Capt. Jason Shilling at (504) 416-5896 today to schedule your fishing charters in Louisiana. Whether we take you to the marsh land in the southern half of our state or the bayous of Lafitte, we know you will experience fishing that you never have before in the sportsman’s paradise!