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Fishing Charter Safety Information

When you are thinking about going on Louisiana fishing charters, one of your main concerns is your safety. At New Orleans Style Fishing Charters, we are dedicated to giving you a great fishing experience while also keeping you safe.

Capt. Jason Shilling carries a US Coast Guard license, which means that he is fully trained to handle all types of difficulties he may encounter on the water. Therefore, you can sit back and relax while you fish to your heart’s content because your captain will have everything under control.

New Orleans Style Fishing Charters is also a fully insured company. This means that you are protected should an accident occur while you are on board our boat. It is yet another way we remove worry for you as you head out on the water with us fishing in New Orleans.

Captain Jason Shilling, owner of our company, has been a boatman for most of his life. He maintains his boat rigorously, so you can be confident his boat is in good condition. You can feel safe as you jump aboard his boat and begin your New Orleans fishing adventure!

We fish the bayous of Lafitte every week, and Captain Jason has fished in these marshes all of his life. Should there be any dangers on the water due to local wildlife or weather events, Captain Jason knows alternative routes and fishing sites to consider. You will not need to concern yourself with making these alternative plans.

With our Louisiana fishing charters, everything is taken care of and your normal concerns regarding safety are eliminated. So give us a call at (504) 416-5896 to schedule your trip today. Spots fill quickly, so do not delay!