Louisiana Fishing Guides

The New Orleans region is surrounded by great places to fish, and one of the best ways to ensure that your day on the water is productive is by hiring Louisiana fishing guides. At New Orleans Style Fishing Charters, we have licensed captains and experienced New Orleans fishing guides ready to give you a New Orleans style good time!

Each of our charters is led by an experienced guide who knows the habits of the local fish population, enjoys the sport himself, and understands how to teach guests the proper technique to use when fishing in New Orleans for our biggest catches. This can mean the difference between a fun and relaxing boat ride and a successful time trying to fish. You will also find our rates competitive in comparison to the amount of expertise you receive on one of our trips.

Each of our New Orleans fishing guides is an area resident who grew up on these waters. Most of our trips are headed by Captain Jason Shilling himself, the company’s owner. The passion your guide will have for the water and the sport will show in every aspect of your trip. If you are going to spend the money on a Louisiana charter fishing trip, you owe it to yourself to ensure that you have a guide who is passionate about his work. With us, this is guaranteed.

To plan your charter with one of our Louisiana fishing guides, all you need to do is call. We will talk you through your options and help you line up licenses before your trip. We are waiting to put you on our calendar, so call us today at (504) 416-5896.

Louisiana Fishing Guides Video: Great Catch!