by | Apr 11, 2010

I had some good friends come in from Arkansas to fish and go to an annual crawfish cook off. Mr. Johnny, Mr.Bill, Mr. John, Harvey, Dale, Travis and Steve arrived around 3pm Friday evening. With my boat and another friend of the group, Mr.Robert, and his boat, we loaded the crew up and went fishing. Got to the first spot and fish on. That’s the way I like it. Lafitte Charter Fishing with the Arkansas Boys

We fished with spinner baits with purple cocahoes with yellow tails. We fished till almost dark and ended up with 16 reds all around 18″-25″ perfect size for the grill. After cleaning the fish, they wanted to go eat at a local restaurant that we can get to by water. We loaded back in the boats and went have dinner. The next morning the guys wanted to ride out and try their luck at some of the big bull reds that Ive been catching. The ride was a little bumpy with the wind blowing 15-25mph, but we made it and caught all the big bull reds and drum that they wanted. After battling big fish and mother nature, we went to the crawfish cook-off and continued to enjoy the time that they are down.

Thanks guys! It’s always a fun time when y’all come down. And Thanks a bunch Mr.Robert for lending a hand and your boat. Fishing in Lafitte is picking up and will be good for quite some time.

I’m Captain Jason Shilling, owner and fishing guide of New Orleans Style Fishing Charters. I fish the bayous of Lafitte, Louisiana for red fish and speckle trout. Located just 40 mins south of New Orleans, Lafitte is home to some of the finest inshore fishing the New Orleans area has to offer. I’ve been fishing these waters my whole life and know how to show y’all the true meaning of southern hospitality, good times, and lots of action.