Fishing after Hurricane Ida

Fishing after hurricane Ida has had its challenges. Like most hurricanes of this size, there are always changes in the marsh, marshes get destroyed and moved around. This isn’t always a bad thing for fishing but makes us fish different areas differently sometimes. Most of the time, hurricanes push fish out of the affected areas [...]

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Lemon Baked Sheepshead Recipe

Lemon Baked Sheepshead Recipe Sheepsheads are great winter fishing, and provide a fun and challenging catch for even the more seasoned angler. They are unique-looking fish, with wide, gray, vertical stripes on their compact body, but their most notable feature is their uniquely shaped stubby teeth. The sheepsheads typically dine on shellfish such as crab [...]

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Redfish: A Louisiana Favorite

Habitat Also known as red drum or poisson rouge, the redfish is a cornerstone of Louisiana game fishing. Redfish enhabit waters all throughout the eastern and southern Atlantic coast, and along the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico. While these fish can be found all throughout the southeastern coast, Louisiana is a particularly [...]

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July Fishing is Hot Catching Red Fish

July fishing is hot right now catching red fish. With the summer heat progressing and the water temps rising. The red fish are coming out of the shallows and into the deeper bays . With this they tend to school up and compete for food so they are very aggressive .  We've been catching our [...]

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April Fishing for Red Fish and Specks

April fishing for red fish and speckle trout has been good. This time of year the fishing is always excellent with the weather being pleasurable and fish are cooperative. With the Covid-19 pandemic disrupting everyone's normal life I hope y'all are staying safe and healthy. I have been running a couple trips with some repeat [...]

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New Orleans Winter Fishing in Full Swing

New Orleans winter fishing is in full swing. Yes, New Orleans has a winter; it's not much of one but we do get a little chilly here at times. At this time, the fish tend to congregate in certain areas and we can target specific species with the weather patterns of the time.  We have [...]

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Fall Fishing Is In Full Swing of Catching

Fall fishing is in full swing of catching red fish and some speckle trout. The cold fronts have started to cool the temperatures of the air and water. When this happens the fish become a bit more active and cooperative. We have been busy with non-stop fishing since my last post. So busy that I [...]

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Summer Fishing Moving Right Along

Summer fishing is moving right along as we come to the end of July. It seems like just yesterday it was spring ,this year is flying by. We've had to work for our fish the last couple of days but as fishing goes that's par for the course. Fishing never stays the same, its always [...]

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