Fishing on the bayou 2022

by | Apr 8, 2024

Fishing on the bayou this year has definitely been a different year than past years. Last year as most of you know we (south Louisiana) were hit with a very strong Cat4 hurricane Ida. This storm tore up lots of marsh and changed our fishery some. We suffered a significant fish kill on the red fish population, as I’ve never seen before. In the beginning of this year we were finding good numbers of reds to fish on but as the year progressed the slot reds were becoming harder to find. With that we started concentrating our efforts on other species of fish( speckle trout, black drum and bull reds and drum) to make the best of the days .

Everyone has been very understanding about the situation and has made the best of the trips we provide . Our days have been full of catching fish and we plan to continue to give each and every trip 100% of our efforts to make every trip the best it can be.   Not that we can’t catch slot reds right now, its just the fishing is a lot tougher with fewer slot reds fish being caught.

I’m seeing lots of undersize reds when we do target the reds fish, which is a good sign for our fishery for next year. Our estuary is a strong and resilient estuary in which I have full confidence that it will bounce back and thrive again very soon. We’re seeing lots of bait (shads ,shrimp and crabs) all over so we have the recourses for the fish to grow and thrive. Also so far this year we haven’t seen any hurricanes which keeps our estuary stable and able to rejuvenate from the past storms.

I wanted to write this blog to inform everyone on what’s going on around here and how we have been lately. Its been a while since I’ve posted a blog and its all on me for not taking the time to sit down at the computer and type one out . I want to take this time to thank everyone for coming out to fish with us this year ,it been a pleasure meeting everyone and seeing ole facies again as well.

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