New Orleans Fishing Charters

When you want somewhere to fish that is filled with natural beauty, consider New Orleans fishing charters. At New Orleans Style Fishing Charters, you can head out on the bayou in search of the freshwater and brackish water fish of our region with a native who loves these waters.

About 30 minutes south of New Orleans is the prime spot in Louisiana to fish: Lafitte. The marsh and bayous are lined with towering trees that add shade and ambiance to your trip. Along the way, keep your eyes peeled for alligators, bald eagles, river otters, nutria, and egrets, all of which call this New Orleans fishing area home.

Yet, it is not the land and air-based wildlife that draws you to the region to fish. It is the abundant populations that dwell beneath the waters.

On a New Orleans charter fishing trip with us, you can catch hard fighting red fish, brag about your paper mouth speckled trout, fish for drum, grapple with a sheepshead, or catch a flounder or two. These are just some of the biggest of the fish that call our region home. Be sure to bring your camera, because you will want to capture pictures of the whoppers you catch on your charter!

If you are looking for a New Orleans fishing charter, you will find many options out there, but only one is headed by someone with this intimate knowledge of the waters of Lafitte. So call us at (504) 416-5896 today to reserve your spot, and let our licensed captains show you a Nawlins Good Time.


Fish Chart

Drum Fish

New Orleans Fishing Charts
Drum fish are commonly found in brackish waters in the Gulf. Black Drum are found on mud, sand, shells and oftentimes on oyster reefs. Black drum can be identified by the whisker-like barbels under their chin. They feed on mollusks in both the daylight hours and at night, but is less intensive in the early morning hours. Black Drum range from 1 to 10 pounds while larger drum can range up to 40 pounds.


New Orleans Fishing Charters
Flounder are a common fish in the Gulf. They are found on mud and sometimes sand bottoms in shallow, low salinity waters to nearshore offshore waters, and even miles up rivers. Flounder are mostly flat with a white, eyeless right side and an olive brown left side that has both eyes. They feed on quick-moving prey such as small fish or shrimp. Flounder can grow up to 3 feet in length and are mostly 1-5 pounds.

Red Fish

New Orleans Fishing Charters
Redfish are a type of Drum fish that are found in low-salinity water or freshwater in the Gulf region. They are found on all bottom types from soft mud to oyster reefs. Red Drum can be silver-gray to bright copper with a white belly. They are aggressive when it comes to feeding and eat mostly Blue crabs, but also fish and shrimp and are typically bottom feeders. Red Drum range from 1-10 pounds but can grow up to 30 pounds.


New Orleans Fishing Charters
Sheephead are found most often in freshwater regions of the Gulf. They are commonly found near rock jetties, piers and pilings. This fish is easily identifiable by its broad body and bold grayish-black stripes. Sheephead have a very interesting diet, and eat almost anything. Their diet mainly consists of plants, such as algae, mussels, clams, and small fish. They range in size from about 2 to 8 pounds but can grow up to 20 pounds.

Speckled Trout

New Orleans Fishing Charters
Found Gulfwide, Speckled Trout live in deep interior estuaries and up to 30 feet of water offshore. They are found in areas of current discontinuities. Speckled Trout have a dark gray back and have few to many black spots, however the dorsal and tail fins are always spotted. They feed on shrimp and other crustaceans and a wide range of fish. Speckled Trout are typically 1-3 pounds, but can exceed 10 pounds.

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