Redfish: A Louisiana Favorite

by | Apr 8, 2024


Also known as red drum or poisson rouge, the redfish is a cornerstone of Louisiana game fishing. Redfish enhabit waters all throughout the eastern and southern Atlantic coast, and along the northern coast of the Gulf of Mexico. While these fish can be found all throughout the southeastern coast, Louisiana is a particularly good place to catch them. This is due to the states gentle tides and abundance of small critters for the red fish to eat on.

Identifying a Redfish

Redfish are an iconic part of the Louisiana aquatic ecosystem. They are known for their dark red color on their back, and deep black “eyespots” on their sides. Red fish are fascinating creatures. They are recognized for their strength, size, and toughness. They are able to handle various levels of salinity and are found in a variety of depths. The only time these super fish require a specific environment is when they reproduce. When they do, they will travel to saltier bodies of water. According to, red fish are “the big, brawny cousin of speckled trout.”

Protection Status

Redfish are a protected species as of 2007, but are classified as “Least Concern.” Due to their protection status, the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries has placed some restrictions on game fishing for them. According to their website, to keep a red fish you caught it must be between 16-27 inches, and you can only keep five fish per person per day.

Cooking with Redfish

Redfish are an excellent fish to cook with. Their flavor is mild and their flesh is flakey. Plenty of classic cajun recipes use redfish. As long as red fish is cooked through, they are a delicious and healthy part of any diet. The most iconic Louisiana dish is Blackened Redfish, but red fish on the half shell is also a popular way to eat them as well.

Louisiana is the “Sportsman’s Paradise” for a reason; it’s diverse and abundant wildlife. Redfish is a popular game fish that people have traveled far and wide to catch in Louisiana waters. These fish can be difficult to find commercially due to their protected status. Being able to catch and prepare your own redfish is a unique and an authentically Cajun experience. If you’re interested in catching your own, contact us today.

I’m Captain Jason Shilling, owner and fishing guide of New Orleans Style Fishing Charters. I fish the bayous of Lafitte, Louisiana for red fish and speckle trout. Located just 40 mins south of New Orleans, Lafitte is home to some of the finest inshore fishing the New Orleans area has to offer. I’ve been fishing these waters my whole life and know how to show y’all the true meaning of southern hospitality, good times, and lots of action.