What to Bring on a New Orleans Fishing Charter

by | Apr 8, 2024

What should I bring on my fishing charter?

This is probably one of the most common questions that I’ve gotten over the years of being a fishing guide. Many new anglers hire a guide to learn and experience firsthand the techniques of the sport from a professional. In my experience, most groups I take out have at least one novice fisherman with in them. Everyone starts somewhere so I don’t mind teaching customers the ins and outs of what I know.

What’s the weather like?

“What to bring” will vary from trip to trip, depending on the weather, what your fishing guide provides, and location. Typically, I advise customers to dress according to the weather at hand. Remember that you can always take it off, if need be, in the winter months. Also bring any snacks, food, or drinks that you may want while on the water, sun block, sunglasses, hats, and bug spray. If you think it will make your fishing experience better, bring it. I supply all rod and reels, bait, tackle, ice, and fuel needed for our charter.

Are we going to get wet?

I also recommend bringing packable rain gear. Here in the south, the weather changes hourly at times and rain gear can be the difference of a good day on the water or misery. Even if there isn’t rain in the forecast rain gear can act as a wind breaker, bug stopper, or even keep you dry in the foggy mornings. I’ve owned all types of rain gear from some of the cheapest to some of the most expensive out there. No matter what the cost it can serve a purpose that will make your fishing charter a better experience. It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.

What rain gear do I use?

I have been through quite a few makes and models of rain gear over the years as a Louisiana fishing guide. I find the best all around gear for what I do is made by Sitka. The “Dew Point” jacket and pants have 3 Layers of Gore-Tex water proofing. This set of rain gear is very light weight and comfortable, it also has a durable construction designed for the active outdoorsmen. You can find this gear at some local distributors, or you can visit SITKA Gear. This set up has kept me dry in some of the nastiest weather.

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Capt. Jason Shilling

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I’m Captain Jason Shilling, owner and fishing guide of New Orleans Style Fishing Charters. I fish the bayous of Lafitte, Louisiana for red fish and speckle trout. Located just 40 mins south of New Orleans, Lafitte is home to some of the finest inshore fishing the New Orleans area has to offer. I’ve been fishing these waters my whole life and know how to show y’all the true meaning of southern hospitality, good times, and lots of action.